Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tip Meningkatkan Produktiviti Diri

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In his most recent book, I read that he doesn’t watch TV and I believe this is one of the reasons why he is so productive AND wealthy. He uses the time saved very productively and has outlined his daily schedule in his new book. After reading his new book, I’ve made a few minor adjustments in my schedule to mirror his schedule.

When you drill down into the things we have in our lives, it’s easy to see that time is our most valuable asset because it cannot be replaced. This is significantly different from almost everything else in life. Almost everything in life can be replaced including…


On the flip side, the things that cannot be replaced are…

Our Children

Sure you can argue with a few items on my list, but you must agree that time is NOT replaceable and IS critically important.

As a little experiment, I’ve decided to eliminate TV for next two weeks. When I decided to take this little test, I didn’t think I watched much TV. However, within the first day of my experiment, I realized I watched more TV than I thought.

I’ve used the time saved to get caught up on a few nagging “To Dos”, read and I’ve spent a little extra time writing. Right from the beginning of this little experiment, I can tell that eliminating TV is going to be a very productive decision.

Want to become instantly more productive? Try this little experiment yourself and see what happens! You might find that you have time to pursue new hobbies, start new businesses, exercise more, or read an extra book or two.

Baru je terbaca artikel ni. Menarik gak idea yang cuba disampaikan. Harap kita sume dapat manfaat.

Selain dari tu, dengan implement benda ni, bukan setakat masa sahaja dapat dijimatkan, malah wang ringgit juga. Kita dapat berjimat dari beli tv yang canggih2, dapat jimatkan bil astro, dapat jimatkan elektrik etc. Wau terbaik!


Mr MY Power Tools said...

remove astro first i think the best way..
sbb sekrg dah ada internet..
kecik2 dulu tv cuma ada 3 channel aje, pastu start jam 3.45pm boleh plak kita hidup smp sekrg?..
betul tak?

mdizone said...

agree juga. Aku lebih banyak habis masa kat internet dari tengok tv. Kat internet pun ada banyak info yang tak habis dikaji.

Dr Teamint said...

memang cuba try nak lepaskan tv tapi tengok Dvd pulak... akhirnya apa yang saya lakukan ialah saya biarkan tv terpasang tapi saya baca buku dan surf internet depan tv, maksudnya buat kerja depan tv...

mdizone said...

boleh concentrate ke kalau macam tu? hebat....