Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BN?PKR? Parti Bebas? Atau pilih diri sendiri?

The New Messiah

Now that the 2010 election is over and the dust has settled, I thought I’d make a few comments on the election in which Democrats lost 61 seats and on what politics is telling us.

In my opinion, desperate voters, groups such as the Tea Party movement, are in search of a new Messiah. Many people had high hopes for Barack Obama, but rather than become their political Messiah, he’s terrified and turned off millions of people.

I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat, so I don’t have a dog in the fight. Personally, I don’t think it makes much difference which party wins. For those of you who have read Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money, you already know I believe the rich control the show and that whoever is elected is simply a puppet with the rich pulling the strings.

To me, this heated battle between the Republicans and Democrats is a desperate cry from desperate voters. Millions of middle class voters are hoping and praying someone will save them from this financial crisis. The Tea Party movement is primarily a middle-class movement, a group of people who suspect they’re sliding from the middle class into a future of poverty.

The poor in America may care who’s elected, but they’re not involved in this political battle. The poor already know that politics cannot save them from their poverty, which is why traditionally only a small percentage of the poor vote. They also know their Messiah, President Obama, is in trouble for trying to save them. The poor know that the middle class are not interested in saving the poor because the middle class are now focused on saving themselves.

What most voters don’t know is that the problem isn’t political. So, it cannot be solved by electing new political leaders. The problem is financial, and the core of the problem is located in the Federal Reserve Bank. In other words, the rich control us through the banking system, not the political system.

In Conspiracy of the Rich, I wrote about how the ultra rich control us via our monetary system and our educational system, which is why we have almost zero financial education in our schools. Without financial education, most voters choose to trust in their vote rather than become financially educated.

Without a financial education, most voters don’t realize that financial crises and bank bailouts are integral to the business plan of the ultra rich. The business plan, built around a system of central banks, needs financial crises and bailouts to become richer and control the people via fear.

The recent $115 billion bailout of Ireland demonstrates how desperate the world is. The European Union, including England, says, “We don’t want the crisis to spread.” They say, “If Ireland falls, then Portugal, Italy and Spain will be joining Greece.” They say, “If the European Union fails, England and the US will fail because the EU is the biggest trading partner of England and the US.”

When we the people, the voters, hear this, we happily agree to a $115 billion bailout of Ireland. Without financial education, the average person doesn’t ask, “Where did the $115 billion come from?” The answer is, “The banks printed it.” Nor does the average voter ask, “Who is going to pay the 6 percent interest on the $115 billion?” The answer is, “The Irish taxpayer.” Nor does the average person ask, “And who receives the interest on the $115 billion?” The answer is, “The bankers and those that own the banks.”

Again, this is one reason why there is no financial education in our schools. How else can the ultra rich put their hands in our pockets and steal our wealth besides having us be ignorant of what they’re doing? It’s via our fear of not having enough money, and being poor and destitute, that we blindly allow the ultra rich to steal from us by controlling the money system.

When our political leaders in the US say, “The recession is over,” I wonder what they’re smoking. I wonder who is paying them off. Just because consumers are back shopping for the holiday season, doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods.

When I listen to voters, lathered up and frothing at the mouth about who will win the next election, I feel for them. I know they hope for a new Messiah. Do voters really think that new political leaders can save them from the corruption of the world banking system?

Voters should ask better questions: “What if our politicians cannot save the world? What if they screw up? What are we the people going to do? What if we do slide into a global depression or global hyperinflation? Is there really a new Messiah who can save us? Should we do as President Obama suggests and count on the ‘Audacity of Hope?’”

My rich dad often said, “Hope is for the hopeless.” I’m afraid that the financial situation is hopeless for millions of people, especially if they hope their elected officials will save them.

In November 2010, Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, suggested at the meeting of the G-20, that the world consider the gold standard once again. This was a shocker, especially for bankers and politicians. If the world went back on the gold standard, how would the politicians and bankers rule the world?

Immediately, Mr. Zoellick’s proposal was criticized and put down as unrealistic and impossible. One criticism was that the world’s central banks hold about a total of $1.3 trillion in gold. The central banks would need ten times that amount to cover the roughly $60 trillion in funny money held in their vaults. They’d literally have to buy tons of gold, which would make those that hold gold very rich and those that hold cash very poor. The bankers did not like the idea, even though it was the president of the World Bank who suggested it.

One reason why the bankers and politicians don’t want our money backed by gold is because they’d lose their power. If our money was stabilized, we could do business logically because it would be based upon sane business principles. As long as bankers and politicians have the power to play games with money, we the people depend on them to save us and save our economy.

With gold floating between $1,300 and $1,400 an ounce, the world markets are saying, “Inflation is coming.” This means your money will be worth even less. When inflation and taxes go through the roof, there will be more people who will slide from the middle class into poverty. With higher taxes and inflation, pensions plans, Social Security, and Medicare will collapse. This means many who are middle class today will become the nouveaux-poor of tomorrow.

As I wrote in Conspiracy Of The Rich, in times of financial crisis, leadership revolutions happen. In 1933, FDR and Adolf Hitler came to power. Mao came to power when the Chinese economy collapsed. Stalin and Napoleon are also products of financial crisis.

So, what will be the next leadership revolution? If the economy worsens, I believe Sarah Palin will have a good chance to become president in the 2016 election, after losing in 2012. By 2016, Sarah will be older, will have two presidential campaigns under her belt, and will be a seasoned pro. By 2016, her third presidential campaign, she will be formidable. She will be the candidate of choice for an even larger mass of desperate people.

In the meantime, real Messiahs, or at least a wise man, such World Bank President Robert Zoellick, will be attacked for their views on how to save the economy. Zoellick’s proposal was to stabilize the US dollar and to take away our leaders’ power and ability to play games with money.

The reason Robert Zoellick won’t be heard and taken seriously is because the masses of voters, most of whom aren’t financially educated, have no idea what Mr. Zoellick is talking about. So, a true Wiseman such as Robert Zoellick goes unrecognized, and someone like Sarah Palin, someone loved by the masses, will probably be elected in 2016.

I like to think Sarah Palin is a good person doing what she thinks is best for the country and the world. At the same time, I doubt she understands the power behind the global banking cartel. She is a popular leader and a person who understands the power of publicity, but financially she is no smarter than the masses that love her.

As this crisis spreads, fear will turn to anger, and more people will look for revolutionary leaders. Always remember the Declaration of Independence was not so much about independence as it was a declaration of anger at mother England ripping off the colonists. This anger led to the American Revolution, and a new nation was born. I believe we’re at the same flash point today.

Again, I am not a Republican or Democrat. When I vote, I vote for the person, which means lately I haven’t voted for many people.

I’m a person who watches what our leaders do more than what our leaders promise. After I observe what they’re doing, I take actions I believe are best for Kim and I and the people that work for our companies. I wish I could say I trusted our leaders, but I don’t.

I was taught, “God helps those that help themselves.” I believe in taking care of myself, not depending on the government to take care of me. My financial education is my defense against an incompetent and often corrupt leadership—and the growing masses of desperate people who are hoping, praying, and voting for a new Messiah.

Till the next update, happy holidays. Invest in your financial education, take care of yourselves, and thank you for supporting COR.

Robert Kiyosaki


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